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Get to know Berlin! Experience Berlins lively cultural scene with three opera houses, numerous museums and theatres with a worldwide outstanding importance. At the Social Program Desk you can receive information about the different options and sign up for a guided Tour on Tuesday, 6 October.

The Social Program Desk will be located next to the Congress Registration Desk in the central area of Floor B (on the Ground Level).

Walk along the former Wall: The invisible border

More and more people keep asking: Where was the Wall? There are just a couple of traces left, because the former border slowly disappears from the people’s minds and the city. The tour follows the path were the Berlin Wall once split the city: you will pass the Checkpoint Charlie, along the „Topografie of Terror“, Brandenburg Gate and finish at the Reichstag.

Magic of the Courtyards

A tour around the Berlin backyard-mix: The Hackesche Höfe (eight courtyards), build in Jugendstyle in 1906, are famous. With their flats, cafés, fashion-stores and galleries they represents the Berlin-style of living. In the Golden 20s there used to be wine-bars, oriental restaurants and varietés. The tour guides you through the Hackeschen Höfe, to the Sophie-Gips-Höfe, the Kunst-Höfe and the Heckmann-Höfe close to the Jewish Synagogue.

Fashion - Berlin Fashion Labels

Berlin is turning into one of the main centres of fashion. The tour through the fashion scene in the district around Hackescher Markt will show you that no other city in Germany has such a colourful and experimental style like Berlin. Around the Hackesche Höfe, you can find charming fashion studios like „thatchers“, Mari Otberg and Lisa D. The exclusive shops of Claudia Skoda and hatter Fiona Bennet have also settled down in this neighbourhood. At the Heckmann Höfe we will visit famous Berlin fashion labels Nix and Sterling Gold and will give you a glimpse into the famous little candyfactory.

Berlin’s Underground Worlds

Every day, hundreds of people walk past a green door in the Gesundbrunnen Underground railway station. They are unaware of the hidden subterranean labyrinth full of authentic history. These ancient shelters of WWII still let you feel the atmosphere of fear and anguish. Visitors will be led through civilian shelters and bunker complexes as they learn about life during the bombing campaigns in Berlin. Over the course of the tour, visitors will view a museum exhibition of WWII. But the underground world has more to reveal: as the Underworlds' Museum and the amazing cathedral-like brewery cellars.